Soccer in the United States

I sit here at my computer desk trying to recap and articulate what happened in the USA vs Portugal game and the only thing that comes to mind is how far soccer has come in America.

I’ve been exposed to soccer since I could remember and I’ve never seen it at the height it is today. I’ve been writing these recaps with hopes to give the reader a brief rundown or my thoughts of recent World Cup games.

They also give me a chance to relive the emotions that a viewer went through, but this game had much more ramifications than just the game itself.
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In “Group of Champions”, Costa Rica Stands Alone

Costa Rica defeated Italy 1-0 and secured qualification to the Round of 16 in the second match of Group D or “Group of Champions” due to England, Italy and Uruguay having been previous World Cup champions.

Costa Rica shocked the world by defeating Uruguay in their first match, and repeated that remarkable performance with one equally, if not better vs Italy. Read more


Muller Leads Germany Past Portugal in “Group of Death”

Cristiano Ronaldo might be the best player in the world, but Germany’s Thomas Muller was the best player on the field in this 1st match of the “Group of Death”.

Muller was not only influential in scoring a hat trick and leading Germany to a 4-0 win and the 3pts, but he was also involved in a controversial moment and turning point of the game as well. Read more


USA Stuns Ghana

The United States scored in the very first minute of their opening match against Ghana, setting up a thriller in the group of death.

Ghana did not answer until the tail end of the second half, but left the United States just enough time to create some magic. Lets break down the goals.
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Battle in the Jungle: Italy Defeats England

Italy took on England in their first game of the 2014 World Cup in Manaus. Located in the northwestern part of Brazil, Manaus is the main entrance into the amazon that has extreme weather conditions consisting of very high heat and humidity.

Leading up to the day of the game there were also questions regarding the conditions of the stadium and more importantly the field itself. Preparing for a team is one thing but to have to compete against mother nature is another. 
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Who Needs Batman? Robin & Robben Help Holland Dominate Spain

It did not take long for the World Cup to have a major match between two of the world’s best teams and potential cup winners. Holland versus defending champion Spain as the opening match for Group B provided fans with much anticipation of a rematch of the 2010 finals.

Spain is coming off winning 3 major titles in a row dating back to the 2008 European Cup, the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 European Cup and is arguably one of the greatest teams in this generation, if not of all time, while Holland is regarded as the best team to have never won a World Cup title. Read more


Peralta Leads Mexico to Victory

The second game in Group A consisted of Mexico vs Cameroon. Mexico went on to win 1-0, however it could have been much different. On the second day of the World Cup, refereeing controversies are starting to surface even more.

Mexican forward Giovani Dos Santos had a goal disallowed and also another goal was taken away from Mexico due to a phantom offside call. Luckily for the Mexican team, it did not effect the outcome and they were able to secure 3 points against a tough Cameroon team. Read more